Savannah Series

Carolina Stair's Savannah line has what we refer to as a "spool" or "beer barrel" urn. This versatile line comes in both pin top and block top. The versatility doesn't end there! This line is also available in plain, fluted, or reeded.

Our block tops of 4001 and 5001 balusters come in 5" and 10" faces and the 4842 and 3842 Newels are topped by either a ball top, or the classically traditional "acorn" top. Our pin top balusters are the 4011.

Just to show how truly awesome the Savannah line is, it has a companion line known as the Square Savannah Line!

In our Square Savannah line you will see our 4011S pin top balusters with either an octagon or square body, and our block top 4001S balusters would also be available in either octagon or square body. Just like the balusters, our 4810S - pin top newels - are available in octagon and square and the 4842S - block top newels - are also available in octagon and square.

Similar to the Industry standard number 3340 newel and 2105 baluster, the Savannah line is available in a variety of wood species.