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Round "Pool Cue" Baluster

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0150- Pool Cue Baluster
0150- Pool Cue Baluster

Carolina Stair offers what is commonly called the round "Pool Cue" baluster from our Contemporary Line. This baluster gets its name because it looks like a pool cue that you would use when playing pool.

A very popular baluster, the 0150-Plain (as it's actually named) has been utilized since the late 1700's because of its clean, straight lines.

This baluster is 1-3/16" and comes in lengths of 36", 39", and 41", with a dowel included.

It is available in a variety of wood species. The most common being, Oak, Poplar, Hard Maple, Cherry, Beech, Walnut, Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry, and White Oak, Ash, and Hickory.

Because of its slender appearance, it would be a wonderful addition if you're looking for a more open appearance to your staircase.

Posted by: Fran Terazzi, Assistant Office Manager / Blogging Information Specialist

Fran has recently made her foray into the Stair Industry and is coming out of the gate strong by accumulating knowledge through informing others. She is the creative hub of the company and will be a frequent contributor to our website moving forward.