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5 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Our Newel Posts

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Custom Newels and Newel Posts from Carolina Stair Supply
Custom Newels and Newel Posts from Carolina Stair Supply

Whether it’s a new staircase installation or you want to revamp your home’s current look by sprucing up your staircase, Carolina Stair Supply has a wide range of wood and iron balusters plus the wood staircase components like newel posts that you need. We offer a complete staircase system which includes matching and even customizable newel posts to add drama and appeal to any stairway.

Here’s why homeowners choose Newel Posts from Carolina Stair Supply:


Hassle-Free Selection

Carolina Stair Supply makes construction and remodeling projects hassle-free by offering our complete staircase system which includes beautifully handcrafted wood balusters and the matching box newels posts that complete the look while maintaining a consistent style. Our StairArtist® Stair Design Tool is handy for planning your dream staircase design and selecting the newel post options to match. From sleek and modern to traditional styles and beyond, there are newel post options to complement your style.


Custom Turned Newel Posts 

Create a style that’s all your own with custom box newel profiles. The options stretch as wide as our customers’ imaginations, and our experts are always here to help offer design advice before getting to work on a custom newel post creation. This video teaches you all about the construction of a custom box newel by craftsmen at Carolina Stair Supply.


Recreating Newels Posts

Specializing in turn of the century, 1800's or earlier renovations, our capabilities don’t stop at new staircase parts. If you think you can’t find the stock newel post design to complement your existing staircase without starting from scratch, think again. Our experts can recreate a newel post to our customers’ exacting specifications using a piece or a template, if available. This means broken or worn newel posts don’t have to take away from your home’s aesthetic any longer, we can replicate them to prevent you from risking the beauty of your original, and well loved, stairway.


Show Off Unique Style

Show friends and family your unique style with wood newel posts in a wide range of elegant, intricate, and modern design options. Our wood baluster collections include Victorian, which offers Old World charm and elegance and the customization you want. In addition to a wide range of matching fluted and plain newel post options, we also offer the 4097-CUS, a Box Newel with Custom Applied Ornamentation. Embrace your home’s funky or classy style with box newels that have virtually any applique.


Quality That Lasts Generations

Whether homeowners are choosing a stock or custom newel post design, they can rest assured that is was produced by the expert craftsman at Carolina Stair Supply. Quality craftsmanship using hand selected wood options means the staircase products we make are not only great looking, they stand the test of time.

From wooden box newel and wood and iron balusters options, our products offer lasting durability, strength and striking beauty to any new stairway or remodeling project. Choose Made in the USA Carolina Stair Supply to help you select or create the perfect box newels for your home – Give us a call at 740.922.3333 to get started!

Posted by: Chad Henry, Sales Manager, Carolina Stair Supply

As a long time employee, Chad has worked his way up with the company over a number of years. Because of his longevity with the company, he's acquired a vast store of knowledge that makes him a valuable asset to our organization. Chad is the gear that keeps Carolina Stair Supply turning. Chad handles the orders and sales for all of our products.