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Carolina Stair's Iron Baluster Varieties

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Part of our Wave & Curl Forged line of balusters
CS16.1.34 Part of our Wave & Curl Forged line of balusters

Your house is a reflection of your personal style, and that's why Carolina Stair carries a variety of lines in our iron products. We want to be sure that there is something for everyone.

Our Regular Twist Line features balusters that are single basket, double basket, or single or double twisted. Not only does this line offer scrolls, but the scrolls are offered in 3 different sizes!

Our Tapered and Hammered Line of balusters have almost a ripple appearance that give them a unique quality in an iron baluster. They come with unique single and double baskets, as well as a uniquely shaped "S" scroll.

The Ribbon Twist Line describes its appearance right in the name. It looks like ribbon that has been twisted! This line also offers the single and double twists and baskets; but its decorative feature is not an "S" scroll as some of the other lines have, but rather a petite single or double "H" scroll.

Our Hand Forged Line is another unique looking iron baluster line. With its more elaborate appearance, it would fit in well from another, older, time period. But while it would work well in an older time period, it would work equally as well in something more is just that versatile.

Our Wave and Curl Forged Iron Line is fun and funky. It's stylish with a touch of fun for a more modern look.

The Forged Gothic balusters are almost the Art Deco line of iron balusters. Wrapped in this small metal package is a timelessness that is both modern and old world. These balusters are stylish and subtle; a great addition to any staircase.

For our Fusion Brushed Nickel & Square Stamped Line we see the best in iron baluster innovation that's out there. The sleek, modern design of this line of iron balusters will deliver a timeless look for years to come.

Posted by: Fran Terazzi, Assistant Office Manager / Blogging Information Specialist

Fran has recently made her foray into the Stair Industry and is coming out of the gate strong by accumulating knowledge through informing others. She is the creative hub of the company and will be a frequent contributor to our website moving forward.