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Ole' Iron Slides Make Your Project Easier

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Carolina Stair makes the first and only patented adjustable baluster—Our Ole' Iron Slides are the low cost and easy solution to replacing old, broken, or out of style balusters in existing stairways.

If you like the look of your banister and don't want to completely replace your staircase, updating your old wooden spindles with stylish iron balusters is a great way to refresh your stairs and add elegance to your home. Keeping your existing banisters in place saves costs and means that you don't need to hire a professional to give your staircase a new look—it can be your next DIY project!

Our adjustable balusters add style and beauty to any space—they will transform your staircase and impress your guests, and they won't believe you when you tell them how you replaced your old spindles in only minutes with Ole' Iron Slides.

Ideal for Homeowners

With Ole' Iron Slides there's no need to hire a contractor, they are ideal for DIY installation, plus great for professional use. There's no building permit needed. And you can get your project done fast while saving money.

Our adjustable iron balusters are great for the average homeowner because they require only a few tools to install and their telescoping length means they fit perfectly in a range of staircase heights, so no need for exact measuring.

Our Ole' Iron Slides feature an easy-to-install structural base shoe and a swivel top that adjusts to any handrail angle. Just grab a drill, screwdriver and an Allen wrench and follow our easy directions or watch this installation video to install.

Elegant Styles That Add Style to Your Space

Whether you need to fix broken balusters or just want to give your space a new look, Ole' Iron Slides are the perfect solution for updating your existing stairway.

We offer Ole' Iron Slides in a selection of different styles, decorative designs, and elegant finishes. Choose from 6 unique styles including Straight, Twist, Spade Scroll, Basket, Heart and 'S' Scroll. You even have the ability to create your own unique design by adding on separate slip-on castings.

Carolina Stair Supply's Ole' Iron Slides come with lasting and durable finishes, holding up to wear and tear which is ideal for high traffic areas. Choose from antique nickel, oil rubbed copper, satin black and more beautiful finishes. Our Ole' Iron Slides come in styles to complement every style—from traditional to sleek, contemporary spaces.
Are you a fan of Designing Spaces? Our Ole' Iron Slides were showcased on their Holiday program! Our very own Matt Edwards demonstrated the simple steps homeowners can follow for installing them on an existing stairway.

Ready to give your staircase a refreshed look, in no time at all? Ole' Iron adjustable balusters add style to any staircase. Choose a design that complements your space, then see how easy it is to give your existing staircase an elegant new look.

Posted by: Matt Edwards, Co-CEO

Matt Edwards has been in the stair industry nearly his whole life. With a lifetime of experience also comes a wealth of knowledge and skill that would be difficult to surpass. Matt is the engine that drives Carolina Stair Supply as he helps to shape the company's future. Matt handles custom projects and quotes, as well as sales.