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Choosing Iron Balusters

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Is your home's staircase looking dated, or do you want a new staircase to better reflect your personal style?

Whether you're trying to increase your home's appeal to potential buyers or are interested in giving your staircase an updated look, beautiful iron balusters can be easily installed in place of your old, out-of-date, or broken wooden balusters, or as part of a complete stair installation.

Learn more about choosing the iron balusters to fit your style and needs, then find out how Carolina Stair products simplify new staircase installations and updates.

Before We Get Started:

What is a Baluster?

Balusters, also known as spindles, are the decorative pillars or columns that support the handrail. Balusters come in countless styles and shapes, and iron balusters are just one of the varieties that can add beauty to your home. We also carry decorative wooden balusters that can be part of your staircase solution.

Available in an array of styles and patterns, our balusters add personality and character to your staircase or railing system. Carolina Stair carries iron balusters in categories including Regular Twist, Wave & Curl Forged, Tapered & Hammered, Hand Forged, Square Stamped and more. Our iron balusters come in hollow and solid varieties and feature a powder coating finish that makes them durable, available in six appealing finish options.

Carolina Stair offers Iron Balusters in many styles and lengths, as well as our Ole' Iron Slides™ Adjustable Iron Balusters, which are ideal for DIY projects.

Use our StairArtist® Stair Design Tool to choose your baluster design and pick out the matching newels and the staircase accessories you'll need to begin planning your staircase renovation or new construction project!

Now that you know all about iron balusters and have your choices picked out for your project, let's talk about installation!

Installation, Made Easy

Ole' Iron Slides™ Adjustable Iron Balusters

Carolina Stair's Ole' Iron Slides™, the world's first and only patented adjustable iron baluster, make DIY updates to your staircase a breeze. Perfect for homeowners who don't want to hire a professional to achieve the look they want!

Leave your wooden rail and newels in place, choose from our nine different styles to complement your space, then grab a drill, screwdriver and an Allen wrench. Check out this video or follow this installation guide to see how easy it can be to update your old wooden spindles.

Iron Balusters

Ranging from traditional to contemporary styles, our extensive collection of fixed length Iron Balusters are great for new staircase installation projects as part of our complete stair system, or as replacements for old or broken balusters.

Rail Zip Clip™ from Carolina Stair makes installation easy and allows you to skip the hassle of drilling round holes for square balusters. Just screw in the rail zip clip, stain and finish your stair rail, treads and newel posts, then snap in your new iron balusters. Check out this iron baluster installation video to see how easy it can be to update your old wooden spindles.

Or follow these 8 simple steps, and you're done—it's that simple!

  1. Attach Top Clip Bracket and slide in iron baluster
  2. Slide retaining clip onto bracket
  3. Slide Cover block into place
  4. Secure cover block with set screw
  5. Attach bottom bracket and slide in baluster base
  6. Slide clip onto bracket
  7. Slide base into place
  8. Secure base with set screw

Interested in updating your staircase or installing a new staircase using stylish and versatile iron balusters? If we haven't answered all your questions about iron baluster options and installation, contact us—we want to help guide your project!

Posted by: Matt Edwards, Co-CEO

Matt Edwards has been in the stair industry nearly his whole life. With a lifetime of experience also comes a wealth of knowledge and skill that would be difficult to surpass. Matt is the engine that drives Carolina Stair Supply as he helps to shape the company's future. Matt handles custom projects and quotes, as well as sales.