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Fix A Broken Baluster

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You may break it, but we can help you repair it!
You may break it, but we can help you repair it!

We've all seen this happen: while horsing around, your kids physically connect with the balusters on the staircase and it leads to a broken baluster. Or, while transporting heavy objects up the staircase you inadvertently bang this heavy item against a baluster...and it breaks. Whether this has happened to ourselves, or to someone we know, the missing or broken baluster always stands out like a neon sign on your staircase.

Here at Carolina Stair Supply, we understand that life happens and, thankfully, we are here to help.

We offer a large selection of wooden balusters that can be used to replace what's broken; as well as a selection of iron balusters.

Our Rail Zip Clip makes replacing your existing wooden balusters with iron balusters so simple that you can do-it-yourself. And speaking of a way to make do-it-yourself easy; Carolina Stair Supply's patented Ole' Iron Slides adjustable balusters are a great way to make your DIY project a breeze. These adjustable iron balusters can transform your staircase in a single weekend!

Whether you have a broken baluster, or you need parts for a new - or remodeled - staircase, Carolina Stair is here to help.

Posted by: Fran Terazzi, Assistant Office Manager / Blogging Information Specialist

Fran has recently made her foray into the Stair Industry and is coming out of the gate strong by accumulating knowledge through informing others. She is the creative hub of the company and will be a frequent contributor to our website moving forward.