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A baluster by any other name...

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Carolina Stair's Newels and Balusters
Carolina Stair's Newels and Balusters

Since everyone is different, it probably comes as no surprise that a baluster is known by other names.

Being known as a spindle or a picket doesn't change its essential function, it just gives the baluster a personal flair. This reminds me of the debate about whether a certain carbonated beverage is to be called pop or soda.

A newel is also known by the name post. Since it is a newel post, it isn't surprising that some people choose to call it a newel, while others choose to call it a post. Again, the essential function remains the same.

No matter what you call it - spindle, picket, baluster, newel, or post - at Carolina Stair Supply, the one word everyone walks away using is... QUALITY!

Posted by: Fran Terazzi, Assistant Office Manager / Blogging Information Specialist

Fran has recently made her foray into the Stair Industry and is coming out of the gate strong by accumulating knowledge through informing others. She is the creative hub of the company and will be a frequent contributor to our website moving forward.